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Why Asana? The Best Project Management System


I’ve mentioned on my Instagram countless times how much I love task management systems like Asana + Trello.

One of my favorite things about these programs is that you have the ability to customize it to your liking. Take Asana, for example, I can view it any of these ways: ⁣

List Format⁣

Board Format (Kanban style)⁣

Calendar View⁣

So, why is Asana the best project management system to keep your business organized? Great question, let me explain:

Much like the calendar in the image >, I can still look at my day to day tasks, just in digital format. Here’s the cool part though, I can drag and drop any ‘tasks’ I have onto a different date in any of the views. That means I don’t have to erase or white-out (do people still use that 🤔?) what I’ve already written. All of my notes, ideas, and strategies I have in that task + the task name itself, stay together as I move it along to a new date. ⁣

One of my other FAVORITE tools within Asana is that you can actually add tasks to your Asana lists directly through your email. So say you’re at a lunch meeting or in line getting your morning coffee from your fave shop….you get an email on your phone about a VERY IMPORTANT task you need to complete. Have you ever read an important email, made note of it and then forgotten only minutes later what it was about therefore dropping the ball on the task? Well no more!! ⁣

Instead of forgetting or even adding the task manually to your task management systems mobile app, with Asana you can forward the email to and it will magically appear in your tasks view!! WHAT?! Crazy right? The subject will be the task name and the body will be the description. All attachments also get added to the task as well. ⁣

Is that cool or what? ⁣

Just a PSA to all of you still jotting down your plans and tasks in an old fashion calendar like this one ^. Highly recommend you upgrade to the digital age 😘!

Definitely let me know if you try Asana 🥰. If you have ANY questions or want to learn any other Social Media Tips, Tricks and Hacks, feel free to connect with me on Instagram and shoot me a DM! Happy to help in any way I can.


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