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How to Drive Traffic From Instagram to Your Site

You know what I'm thankful for? Instagram Polls! It really helps me to zone in on what my audience wants and provide them with the tips, tricks and tools needed to grow their business on social media. So, as per usual, I did it again guys! I polled, you answered!

If you're here, you may not have that fancy swipe up feature that people who have 10k + followers or verified users get with their IG stories and you’re trying to figure out different ways to maximize traffic to your site!

Pssshhh! Guess what, we don’t need that feature! Today I’m going to show you all the creative ways you can drive traffic to your websites using the FREE tool, Instagram. Stay tuned for the 411!

Without further ado....

Watch my IGTV Training "How To Drive Traffic From IG To Your Site"

Let me know what you think 🥰. If you have ANY questions or want to learn any other Social Media Tips, Tricks and Hacks, feel free to connect with me on Instagram and shoot me a DM! Happy to help in any way I can.


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