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How To Post Instagram Stories From Your Desktop

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

If you haven't already seen my latest social media tip on my Instagram, you're in for a treat my friend!!

I recently did a poll on my Instagram Story asking my audience what social media tip they'd like to learn: "Posting IG Stories from Desktop" OR "Learn How to Do a Green Screen Effect On IG Stories"....drumroll please....

Well, obviously people chose Posting Instagram Stories From Your Desktop, otherwise, the title of this blog post would not make sense. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Since everyone was so eager to learn, I created my first ever IGTV about how to do this and I'm sharing with you here today:

Necessary Tools:

1. Desktop Computer or Laptop

2. Inssist Chrome Extension

Let me know what you think 🥰. If you have ANY questions or want to learn any other Social Media Tips, Tricks and Hacks, feel free to connect with me on Instagram and shoot me a DM! Happy to help in any way I can.


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