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Improve Your Business Instagram Strategy: 3 Tips For Captions That Wow!

Updated: May 7, 2021

When your on Instagram, your number one goal as an entrepreneur is to make people stop mid scroll and actually read your captions, right? You have so much to say, so many things to teach people, but you’re not exactly sure why you’re not getting the Instagram engagement you’re after.

Well duh, Kiah 🙄….that’s the whole reason I’m reading your blog post.

Totally! I hear you, I see you and I get you! Here are a few of my tips and tricks for creating an Instagram Strategy that will allow you to stop the scroll and get people clicking away/engaging more with your posts.

Simplicity is key. Keep your paragraphs short, sweet and to the point. Just like this one 👌🏾. Remember, Instagram is a smaller format than say a blog post or Facebook post. So what may look like one sentence here, could be up to three on Instagram.


Easy to read captions = Consumable + Scannable. ✔️ Basically, this isn’t an essay…. No one wants to read huge chunks of text all squished together…..what an eyesore, amiright? You’ve scrolled through Instagram, seen those posts and….you guessed it, scrolled right past them because it looked like A LOT to read.


✨ Break up your points into short, succinct and concise paragraphs with just 2 - 3 sentences each.

✨ Make sure there are clean line breaks between each paragraph.

✨ Emojis are V important. They help break up the text, add interest and ultimately increase interactions with your post.

⁣But Kiah!! Even if I am entering and creating spaces in my caption on Instagram, the moment I press post….all of my formatting disappears and it looks like a FAT BLOB.

Ughhhh that’s the worst!! No wonder you’re frustrated. Now, in order to make those clean line breaks, I’m talking about, there are a few nifty tips I have for you.

You can always write your caption out in your notes app first. Obviously notes allow you to enter and create optimal spacing for your caption. Just copy and paste into the Instagram app and Voilà!

I’m biggggg on planning out my content prior to posting. So what I do is write out my captions for each post that week in my scheduling platform and then when it comes time to post, go to 💻 which is an Instagram line break generator. You just have to copy and paste your text in the box and it will generate the line breaks for you, allowing you to post it straight to IG. 🥳 It’s my personal favorite.

If you’re typing out your caption directly in IG, make sure you don’t add an extra space after the last character in your sentence before pressing enter/return for that new paragraph.

Make sure the headline of your post is something that is a real attention grabber. You know…. The whole objective of stop the scroll.

You want to make sure your captions are compelling and the best way to do that is to have a forceful topic starter (with emojis) at the top.

Things such as:

How to….

Why you need….

5 Steps to….

Important news for….

The starting sentence is what your post is going to be about right? It’s like the topic sentence in an essay. You want to make sure you’re giving your readers something that is going to benefit them.

Add a call to action at the end of every post (or majority of them).

Trust me on this. If you read one of my last posts; How to Build Your Brand With Social Media, then you know how crucial it is to have people like + comment and ultimately engage with your post. Every time someone comments on your post, they’re allowing the algorithm to open up a bit more and make it so your post gets seen by a wider audience. The wider the audience the more likely you are to find that ideal client that will say “yes!” to you and want to work with you.

Soooo what kind of “call to actions” should I be adding in all my posts then?

Great question. Let’s list out some examples for you:

Comment here 👇🏾 or DM me what you think

What’s your favorite tool or platform that helps your business? 🙃⁣

Which are you going to implement first?

Have you ever tried this?

Now, go try out these tips and tricks for your caption writing strategy so you can get more eyes on that amazingly valuable Instagram content that everyone needs to learn from asap. 😉 ⁣Then report back here to me know what you think below 👇🏾⁣


Click here to connect with me and talk more about your business goals and to see if working together would be a fit to help you achieve those business dreams.

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