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10 MUST-HAVE Apps For Beautiful Social Media Content

Updated: May 7, 2021

When you think of creating content for your social media platforms, does it scare you? Do you see others posting amazing ‘like-worthy’ posts and try to figure out how on earth you can create something just as captivating? Guess what, I’ve been there too.

Well, who loves finding new apps to make your social media come to life? 🙋🏾‍♀️ ME!!!!⁣⁣


Sometimes I come across the most exciting little apps that really take my social game to the next level, so I thought I’d share some with you today! 💖

Canva ~ This has to be one of my absolute favorite programs to use. Not only can you create IG, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube posts or cover art for all these platforms. ⁣⁣

BUT you can also create custom flyers, presentations, business cards, logos, etc. for your clients…DING DING DING. I’ll say that again, you can create multiple creative pieces for your clients all in 1 platform, YES PLEASE! ⁣⁣


Canva also has manyyyyyy different templates for your choosing, or start with a blank sheet (given the right dimensions) which allows you to have full creative control! WOO!⁣⁣

OVER ~ I love the Over app. It’s actually what I create a TONNNN of my stories with. I love that I’m able to add different types of creative fonts styles, images and graphics with this app. It’s the perfect pocket-size graphic design best friend to your artistic needs!! ⁣⁣

Adobe Spark Post ~ Have you ever seen my stories or post have animated text? I JUST LOVE when the text moves and keeps you captivated. I probably use this app too much in all honesty haha, but I think it’s a fun way to showcase your work in a different format than usual.

PicPlayPost ~ This is by far my most used app. I use it for Instagram Posts, Facebook Posts, Stories, presentations, blog posts, etc. This app allows you to create some VERY creative photo + video slideshows!

Benefits of this app: different transitions you can apply to each clip, you can adjust the timing, add text, edit and trim your video, rearrange the clips to your liking and so much more all! Highly recommended if you’re trying to tell a captivating story.

InShot ~ Do you ever try to add music to your stories or posts using IG’s method? Having trouble lining up the next clip with the exact spot that you left off within the song?

InShot is my fave app to use when I want to easily record music over my already made video. I literally hold up my phone to my computer or tv while a song is playing, hit record, and have a perfectly recorded video with music.

Nichi ~ This collage-style app provides aesthetically appealing story templates for you to create stunning designs! There are plenty of unique designs, stickers, textures, and more to help you come up with a professional-looking Instagram Story to showcase to your audience or ideal client!

Enlight Photofox ~ What can’t this app do? Edit images, add shapes & textures, make glitch art, flyers, banners for your website, the list goes on! I think my FAVORITE thing about this app is their Mixer Tool. The mixer tool allows you to incorporate more than one image into your beautiful piece of artwork. So you start with a base image, head over to the side menu and select the mixer tool and choose a second image to display as an overlay on the base image. Then you can adjust, resize and edit as you see fit. See below for one of my images! 👇🏾

Color Pop ~ I went through this period on my personal IG account where I wanted each set of 9 images to be monochromatic. Once I filled up the 9 squares, I’d be onto the next color. Color Pop app made it easy for me to transition between colors. It removes ALL the color from one of your images (making it black and white) and you can fill in certain spots of your image with the color replacement tool. So your image ✨pops✨ where you want it to!

Enlight Pixaloop ~ How cool would it be to be able to turn your photo into a ‘motion picture’. Ok, not a film motion picture, but like a moving picture. This app does it and it’s SOOOOO COOL! Pick out one of your beautiful images, click on animate and begin ‘pathing’ out what you want to move in your image. Don’t forget to put anchor points down so that the items that should be stationary in your image don't move too!!

Cut Story ~ Love, love, love cut story! This app makes your perfectly executed video optimized for Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Snapchat. That means it cuts it right at the second mark that those platforms would normally cut you off so you don’t have to do the guesswork when posting and trim it. You can just post the multiple videos that cut story perfectly trimmed for you! Woo :)

What do you think? Are you going to give these apps a try? I promise you, you’ll notice a huge uptick in your likes, story engagement, comments, and more once you do!! Your audience will think you’ve gone professional and want all your secrets!!

If you give any of these apps a try, PLEASE feel free to let me know. I’d love to share experiences and hear your thoughts!!



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